Relief for Families

A dollar doesn't stretch as far as it used to, and as a mom of three, Jen understands this personally. With every trip to the grocery store feeling like walking a tightrope and the soaring costs of gas, childcare, and daily necessities straining household budgets, families need someone like Jen in the Illinois Senate who truly grasps the challenges they face.

Illinoisans are struggling to make ends meet, but career politicians in Springfield don't seem to get the message. Their tax-and-spend policies have led to bloated state budgets, making Illinois the nation's least tax-friendly state. This is simply not sustainable.

In Springfield, Jen will be the tireless advocate that Illinois families need, pushing to cut taxes and relieve the burden on families. She will work to rein in state spending and streamline government operations to ensure taxpayer dollars are used efficiently. Jen will champion policies that support families and foster economic prosperity for all.

Safe Streets

We all want to feel safe in our own homes, but in recent years, community crime rates have surged. Rather than tackling the issue head-on, Springfield politicians have enacted risky "catch and release" policies, prioritizing the rights of criminals over your family's safety. At the same time, they've made it harder and more dangerous for our law enforcement officers to do their jobs.

Jen recognizes that secure communities depend on holding criminals responsible and backing law enforcement efforts. In the Illinois Senate, she will push to roll back soft-on-crime policies that jeopardize our families' safety. Sally will champion legislation that truly holds criminals accountable and supports our law enforcement officers.

Empower Parents

As a mother, educator, and school board member, Jen firmly believes that it should be parents making decisions about their children's education—not politicians in Springfield. Children thrive when parents are empowered to take an active role in shaping their children's learning journey and ensure it aligns with their values and goals.

Jen is committed to safeguarding parents' rights and empowering them to actively participate in their children's education and healthcare choices.

End JB Pritzker's Invited Migrant Crisis

In the years since he became governor, J.B. Pritzker has systematically created a non-citizen welfare system, providing incentives that have brought tens of thousands of migrants to Illinois. This has diverted funds from critical priorities and left taxpayers on the hook to cover the bill.

Now, Pritzker is raising taxes by $1 billion to pay for around $1 billion in spending on programs, including free healthcare for migrants.

In the Illinois Senate, Jen will prioritize Illinois' citizens and advocate for policies that relieve the burden on Illinois families.

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